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Carina & Simon Skinner have an exceptional range of achievements in the entertainment industry behind them spanning over four decades.

Working consistently with talented actors, musicians and creatives as both producers and agents and representing talent both in the UK and internationally has given the couple a solid reputation as astute business people with a refreshingly personal touch.

Carina Skinner
Simon Skinner FFEA

Creative Director & Senior Agent

Carina holds many decades of experience at the highest levels within the TV, film and theatrical industries. She now puts all that expertise and experience into representing her clients at Carina Skinner Management.

Fifteen years at BBC Television saw her filming with some of the biggest stars in the world from Take That to Brian Blessed and Ant & Dec. Several years at Children’s BBC saw her working alongside Zoe Ball on flagship Saturday morning programmes and the iconic ‘Broom Cupboard’.

She went back to her theatrical roots producing for a West End production company in Covent Garden working on many high profile musicals, pantomimes and UK tours.   


Becoming an agent was a natural progression for Carina, whose broad range of experience and outstanding ability to cast the right person in the right role has brought her much success and respect with Producers and Casting Directors both in the UK and USA.


She is an avid T.V & film watcher. 'I need to know who's doing what' she protests, but we think she's probably just addicted!

Managing Director

Turning professional at 17, Simon toured the world and recorded in the studio as bass player with numerous bands and pop stars around the time of Live Aid including Midge Ure, Tom Robinson and Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer.

As the eighties evaporated into a haze of big hair and collars, Simon put down his bass, picked up the telephone and moved into management, firstly as a booking agent for London's Cafe Royal and subsequently working as a consultant to some of the biggest international leisure, cruise and corporate brands in the world.


In a broad career (so far) that has seen him working in the capacity of Producer, Agent & Booker, Simon draws from extensive experience in the entertainment industry from over 45 years working in 46 countries. One day he might write the book!

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